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Sustainable Waste Packaging Management Solutions




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We specialize in designing & managing, sustainable waste packaging recovery programs for the engineering sector. At Corenva we view packaging as an integral part of manufacturers' product offering and fully support our clients in implementing packaging recovery programs, as part of their customer care service.

We optimize the supply chain to provide an efficient & cost effective reverse logistics service that produces demonstrable multiple benefits for both manufacturers & their customers. 

Consult | Design | Deliver

We consult with our clients to gain a complete understanding of their packaging portfolio & distribution processes. We engage with all key stakeholders throughout the supply chain to ensure that our recommended solutions are the 'best fit' for our clients & their customers. 

Armed with a full assessment we then design a bespoke packaging recovery & disposal program that meets our clients' requirements. We provide cost neutral solutions that are suited to either an individual manufacturer or a group with several business units, with Corenva acting as a management channel to maximize opportunities.

With over 30 years experience in timber based packaging manufacture & logistics service provision within the following sectors on hand, we have the knowledge & experience to deliver results. 


Diesel engines ranging from small 2 / 4 up to larger 16 cylinders.

Power Generation:

Large electrical generators, and associated equipment.

Industrial alternators, production components & spare parts from multiple global production sites to end users.

Water Treatment:

EPC project packing & shipment - Complete water treatment plant projects comprising over 275,000 items each, for two coal fired power stations.

Industrial machinery:

Machining Centres / Lathes

All of our operations have sustainability & environmental awareness at their core.

Go that extra mile for your customer today, let us run it for you !

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